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Since 1986, it has been operating on its own for 1-2 years. Location: Dongsheng Hotel, Dongmen, Shashi mirror factory

bet实博下载苹果版In 1988, Qimao glass processing factory was established, 7 / 8 of which were operated by individuals. Location: CaoShi Market

Expanded to 18 employees in 1990

bet实博下载苹果版In 1991, the expansion of production started deep processing, and the first equipment was set up

bet实博下载苹果版In September 1991, in response to national policies, Hainan market was developed

bet实博下载苹果版Moved to Wuhan in 1995. There are about 100 people in Shuangdun, Hankou. The workshop covers an area of 1000-2000 square meters.

bet实博下载苹果版In 1996, there were 50 / 60 people in Jingzhou, with 4 sets of equipment and 2 sets of high-grade equipment

bet实博下载苹果版In 1997, Wuhan market was developed and moved several times, from xiashuangdun in Hankou to Hanyang, covering an area of 2000 square meters

Right to 50 mu

bet实博下载苹果版In 2000, Wuhan carried out large-scale production transformation and established Hubei Yijun Trading Co., Ltd

Develop Chengdu market in 2001

bet实博下载苹果版Develop Beijing and Kunming market in 2002

Redevelopment of Wuhan deep processing base in 2003

In November 2003, 638 mu land was purchased in Jingzhou Development Zone, and 600t / d float glass production project was prepared

bet实博下载苹果版In 2005, the first float production line started to invest in the construction of 600t / d float glass production project

In 2007, ① implement the asset integration and merge the original Jingzhou Yijun Glass Group Co., Ltd. by Jingzhou Yijun Glass Co., Ltd. (renamed from the original Jingzhou Yijun Glass Trading Co., Ltd.)

② 550D / t float glass production line ignition

The most difficult period in 2008, financial turmoil and falling price of glass products

bet实博下载苹果版Ignition of 900D / T high quality float glass production line in 2011

The third float line 900D / T high quality Low-E glass production line ignited in 2013

In 2018, Hubei Yijun yaoneng New Material Co., Ltd. was established






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