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bet实博下载苹果版People oriented: people are the most active factor in enterprises. The corporate culture adheres to the principle of people-oriented, according to the new situation of market operation and development, improves management means from management, system, culture and other aspects, and provides a platform for employees to show their talents.

Technological innovation: technological innovation is the life of an enterprise. While actively introducing foreign advanced equipment, Yijun is also constantly carrying out technological transformation within the enterprise and relying on scientific and technological progress to promote the development of the enterprise.

bet实博下载苹果版Customer's criticism and suggestions are our greatest support and help. Our greatest expectation and aspiration is to make customers satisfied.

bet实博下载苹果版We are committed to the mutual benefit system of customers, employees and enterprises, and build a business style of honesty, pragmatism and foresight, so as to move forward towards the sustainable operation of enterprises.

To advocate learning: to be enterprising and innovative is not only the code of conduct of every employee, but also the corporate philosophy that everyone adheres to. Yijun has set up special training institutions and various high-quality training systems for this purpose, striving to create a team learning environment, encouraging every employee to study on the job, so that every employee can face the competition with a more challenging attitude!

bet实博下载苹果版Pay attention to competition: only with the progress of employees, can the enterprise have the combat effectiveness. In order to enable employees to maximize their advantages and tap their potential, enterprises have established a series of good and orderly competition mechanisms to promote development and common improvement through scientific incentive policies. All along, we are proud to have an enterprising and competitive team!

Enterprise goal: to become a modern environmental protection enterprise with first-class management, first-class benefits and first-class treatment.

bet实博下载苹果版Enterprise spirit: outstanding and endless.

Enterprise values: people-oriented, customer satisfaction, self realization of employees and social progress as the greatest value.






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